Unique 3D printed objects

Check out my Scientific Artist website to see a large range of 3D printed objects (mostly mathematical objects).

All of these objects are available for purchase – contact me at greg@concept2innovation.com if you wish to purchase any objects you see here – or if there is a 3D object you would like custom-printed for your home.

A sign of the times :(

Parker Technology is a partnership and I do not employ people.  Therefore I am sorry to say that there are no posts available at Parker Technology, either paid or unpaid.

It distresses me to get requests from all over the planet asking for paid or unpaid employment, and it shows me just how difficult it is nowadays for youngsters to get that first step on the ladder.

To those of you out there who are in desperate straights and cannot find employment I can offer some encouragement.  I have been there, and I know exactly what it is like – it is extremely unpleasant, and your self-esteem takes a huge knock.  When I was in that position I had no other option than to start my own company and start manufacturing and selling specialist electronic equipment.  Fortunately I did not need any financial support to get the venture off the ground as I did have some savings to kick start things off.  So my recommendation to you is – form your own company and start generating income by your own efforts.  If you do need some cash to get the venture going, then there are plenty of business angels out there to talk to and do business with.  All you need is the good idea – and you need to think long and hard on that one as that is the toughest bit of the process.  Good luck to you all!


New batch of high speed flash units due early 2016

In order to keep my hand in the HSF world, I will be making a batch of high-speed flash units that will be available early 2016.

Talking to a number of professional users I have decided that the specification for the new batch of units will be:

  1.  Light output power 75 Joules.
  2. Light pulse duration 25-microseconds (1/40,000th of a second).
  • Recharge time less than 5 seconds.

The units will be powered by a 12V dry battery pack (supplied with charger unit).  Estimated cost of a flash unit, battery pack and charger is £2,000 plus VAT at 20%, plus p&p.

Let me know if you have an interest in this equipment.

High-power high-speed portable Xenon flashguns

Effective from 01/07/2015 the Licence Agreement between Parker Technology and Laserscribe Ltd. has been terminated.

If you wish to purchase custom-built portable high speed flash equipment you can now order from the original manufacturer – Parker Technology – through this web site.


I have recently received a few inquiries asking where people can HIRE the high-speed Xenon flashguns I use in my HSF photography.

The answer is here.

Hire the high-power high-speed Xenon flashguns AND the man behind them (if required) for your next blockbuster advertising photoshoot!


Back on line again :)

Apologies for disappearing off the Internet for a few days – had a major IT glitch successfully sorted out today by Dave Parker – so here we are again back in business, just in time for Christmas 🙂

Parker Technology is in the planning process of sorting out a major new project for launch in the New Year – a major piece of astronomical equipment 🙂  Visit Concept2Innovation regularly to keep check on the project’s progress.



Go nuclear 2 – deja vu all over again!

I can’t believe the timing on this given my post below from a few days back.  The Japanese company Hitachi is making a bid on Horizon ventures!!  Hello – hello – dimwit U.K. Government people – are  you receiving??  Any idea why they would want to do this??  Hello – hello – is there anybody there with a positive IQ??  No answer 🙂



The 3 Curtas


Today my Curta calculator set was completed.  A very nice family from Kent brought me the grey Type II Curta calculator you can see here on the right.  In the centre we have an early Type I Curta, and over to the left an early (black) Type II.  All of these Difference Engines are in pristine condition and perfect working order.  Little over a year ago I never dreamt I would ever own a Curta, let alone 3 perfect examples of the only three types ever made.  Pig in Clover time at Parker Technology 🙂

Go nuclear!

I guess I have reached that age where I feel I can do much better than the dimwits who are running this country.  I feel highly underwhelmed at their complete lack of vision and foresight.

I have just seen a “Grand Designs” programme where a couple of guys with a couple of million quid turned a water tower in the center of London into a mega-palace worth (I would imagine) somewhere between 10 and 100 times their investment.  This got me to thinking – what could we do if we had Government budgets to play with, and we thought even bigger than those two developers?

Keep with me for just this last piece of the jigsaw.  My first job was at Harwell, yes the atomic energy place.  The U.K. was, for a significant period of time, the font of all knowledge when it came to nuclear reactor design.  We really knew what we were doing.  As a second piece of interlinking knowledge – there are only two places on the planet that can build the new huge steel pressure vessels needed for the next generation of nuclear reactors – and yes, one of those two places is of course the U.K.

A quick Google (always a bad thing to do on an empty stomach) says that the U.K. electrical energy consumption is around 36GW, so let’s call that 40GW.  There are current nuclear reactors rated at 800MW, so let’s say that with our greater know-how regarding reactor technology, we could put together a reactor with 1GW output.  So we could build 40 of these reactors, say over the next 10 years, and we could be energy independent.  It would be possible to get off the gas supply circuit, which is only going to lead to tears, and use electricity for all our domestic and commercial needs (the car and petrol would last a bit longer unfortunately).  It would be possible to even make electricity free for all domestic users – should the Government care to be so brave.  I don’t know what they would do about the current energy providers and the stink they would kick up – but if it was left to me I would give them 10 years notice to find another job.

Such things are possible if you have the will, and the money to back the ideas.  America is thinking about a trillion dollar investment into defence alone – a nuclear-based U.K. would certainly come in at less than that figure.  It could be done.  We won’t do it – and we’ll continue to fret and worry at the current economic situation without taking the really bold measures that could propel us out of this situation.  We won’t do it while we have lily-livered brain-dead Politicians running the show.  Rant over.

The New Forest Observatory mini-WASP array starts delivering

[singlepic=51,250,150]  [singlepic=52,250,150]

These are two recent images taken using the mini-WASP parallel imaging array at the New Forest Observatory.  The red emission nebula is the California nebula in Perseus and this is a work in progress.  So far I have taken just 6 x half hour RGB subs of this nebula but I want to get some H-alpha, H-beta, and plenty more RGB to create the definitive Parker/Carboni California nebula image.

The star field image shows the famous Double Cluster, again in the constellation Perseus.  This is the lower half of a 2-framer I will be taking of the region.  The upper half of the frame will contain the large open cluster Stock 2 which always seems to lose out to its lower lying Double Cluster cousin when it comes to imaging.  Again, this image was processed by Noel Carboni in Florida U.S.A.


The water drop collision rig is resurrected

Decided to put the water drop collision rig back together in the study and leave it in place for a few weeks until I have plenty of images for a “water splash” portfolio of work.  Using the Mumford Time Machine, Canon 5D MkII, Canon 100mm macro lens and 3 x Ultra high-speed flash units – I’ve been taking images like THIS over the past couple of days.  The units kick out so much light I can work at f#32 and ISO 100 for a nice noise-free image.

Some more on the Curta calculator

What’s really nice about the Curta is that by thinking about the maths problem you want to solve in a logical manner you can minimise the number of handle rotations to calculate the answer.  So for example, finding the answer to 9×9, 99×99, 999×999, 9999×9999, 99999×99999, 999999×999999, or 9999999×9999999 all only take two handle rotations to get to the answer.  But it gets even better than that.  The Curta’s reign as calculator supremo of course came to an end with the advent of the electronic pocket calculator, but now look again at that last calculation in the set above.  The answer the Curta (Type II) gave me to 9999999×9999999 was 99999980000001 which as you note is a 14-digit number.  Now go and check on my (not inexpensive all-singing and dancing) electronic calculator and what happens?  Can’t supply me with all the significant digits can it!  Gives me 9.999998E+13 as an answer – not as accurate as the Curta!  WOW!  Actually have to go to the computer and run Mathematica to get the full run of significant digits – so there you go.  O.K. so my electronic calculator can give me square roots, trig functions, and all the other fancy stuff at the press of a button – but my pocket difference engine can supply me with more significant digits in two handle rotations.  Just how cool is that?

Black Type II Curta calculator July 1953


This incredible piece of precision engineering juiciness arrived today courtesy of E-Bay.  Remember – this thing was built before CNC equipment had ever been heard of!

The mini-WASP array is completely assembled

And now I am just waiting for some clear dark skies to finish off the fine tuning so that it can start turning out some big field of view deep-sky images. Early signs are that the cameras perform well, like a 10-Megapixel version of my 6-Megapixel workhorse camera SXVF-M25C. The Paramount tracks perfectly, I have never seen tracking to better than half a pixel all through the night before. So now it’s all in the lap of the Gods. Will I be able to take mini-WASP images of this year’s winter wonders? The next few months will reveal all 🙂

Scientific Artist Website Launch

My Scientific Artist web site launched today 🙂  This is my repository of all things photographic and will be the main store for anyone wishing to purchase high-quality prints.

I will be moving all subject matter relating to things photographic in the coming weeks.

Book of the Year

The book of the year as far as I’m concerned – a rather massive 609 pages – but EVERY page is a gem, a mine of information, and it simply gets better as you read on. 

What is it?  It is Alan Sugar’s Autobiography “What You See Is What You Get“. 

This is compulsory reading for any would-be entrepreneur.  Or maybe you already think you’re an entrepreneur?  Then I suggest you read this book and think again!!!  Great stuff 🙂

4-Monitor Support System

Novatech 4-monitor support system arrived at the New Forest Observatory today 🙂  The Matrix has landed!

Latest News

Just took delivery of the Manfrotto 701HDV Professional Fluid Head for video cameras and it is a perfect match for the Sony NEX-VG10E video camera and the beefy Manfrotto 058B tripod.  I am going to have a great deal of fun with this kit 🙂