The New Forest Observatory mini-WASP array starts delivering

[singlepic=51,250,150]  [singlepic=52,250,150]

These are two recent images taken using the mini-WASP parallel imaging array at the New Forest Observatory.  The red emission nebula is the California nebula in Perseus and this is a work in progress.  So far I have taken just 6 x half hour RGB subs of this nebula but I want to get some H-alpha, H-beta, and plenty more RGB to create the definitive Parker/Carboni California nebula image.

The star field image shows the famous Double Cluster, again in the constellation Perseus.  This is the lower half of a 2-framer I will be taking of the region.  The upper half of the frame will contain the large open cluster Stock 2 which always seems to lose out to its lower lying Double Cluster cousin when it comes to imaging.  Again, this image was processed by Noel Carboni in Florida U.S.A.


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