Parker Technology specialises in On-Line Scientific Consultancy to Industry.  E-mail Professor Greg Parker greg@concept2innovation.com to discuss your technical problem.

Parker Technology also gives presentations on topical scientific/photographic subjects to groups/corporations/societies in the South of England.

Parker Technology is also an Image Agency specialising in deep-sky, macrophotography, microphotography, panoramas, “Little Planet” and high-speed flash photography.  You can see the full range of imagery available on the New Forest Observatory and Scientific Artist web sites.  If you wish to purchase high quality 6-colour prints of any image on these sites, Parker Technology can supply you with either framed or unframed (numbered) prints up to size A1.

Parker Technology has considerable expertise in the area of scientific photography including high-speed photography, photomicrography, macrophotography, deep-sky imaging and high-definition video recording.  We also have over 25 years of practical experience in the semiconductor Industry especially in Si/SiGe-based devices, Vacuum microelectronics, Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) including UHV CVD systems, radiant heater systems, ultra-high vacuum deposition, optical and electrical characterisation systems, and Si-based optoelectronics including optical Biomimetics.  Parker Technology has designed, built and developed specialised ultra high speed Xenon flash systems for high speed photography for over 25 years.

Prof. Greg Parker took early retirement from the University of Southampton in September 2010 age 56, and is the Managing Director of the partnership company Parker Technology with Concept2Innovation being his digital interface to the outside world. He has acted as a Consultant to Industry for over 25 years specialising in photonics & photography, high-power high-speed Xenon flash systems, ultra-high vacuum deposition systems, radiant energy sources, and semiconductor processes and devices.

Parker Technology is able to tackle problems in a very broad range of Science & Engineering disciplines, but does not address the Biosciences.  In July 2001 Professor Greg Parker formed the University spin-out company Mesophotonics Ltd. with £2.8 million of initial funding from BTG plc and a further £5.5 million from a consortium.  In Mesophotonics his research into photonic crystal circuits and devices was applied commercially.  He sold the manufacturing rights of his CVD company Mobius Ltd. to Vacuum Generators Ltd. (VG Ltd.) almost at the same time as founding Mesophotonics.  VG acquired the rights from Mobius Ltd. to build and market UHV compatible low-pressure epitaxial deposition systems for Silicon-based materials.

Custom photographic assignments are also part of the Parker Technology portfolio.  Deep-sky imaging, macrophotography, microphotography and high-speed still photography are all areas where Parker Technology excels.  Whether you require unique images for advertising literature, for fault-finding/metrology work, or simply for corporate motivational framed prints – contact Parker Technology to see what we are able to offer.

To see more about Deep-Sky imaging please visit the New Forest Observatory.

To see more about photomicroscopy and high-speed flash imaging please visit the Scientific Artist.  You can hire the amazing ultra high-speed Xenon flashguns that took all the high-speed images from HERE.

Parker Technology also offers high-definition video recording services for your events!  Using state of the art high-definition video recording equipment with accompanying high-resolution stills photography if required, Parker Technology is fully-equipped to record and store to DVD or Blu-Ray –  family occasions, corporate events, advertising material, news events and new product launches.

You can check out Greg’s book publications on Amazon.

1)  Introductory Semiconductor Device Physics.

2)  Making Beautiful Deep-Sky Images.

3)  Star Vistas.

The large-format coffee-table book Star Vistas has Forewords written by Sir Arthur C Clarke, Sir Patrick Moore and Dr. Brian May and is now a very collectable publication!  Greg is currently in discussion with an independent Publisher regarding the publication of what will be his third astronomy book.

Please take a look at the Photographic Courses Parker Technology has on offer – we have had many satisfied digital imagers complete our courses.

Finally, Greg was made Emeritus Professor of Photonics at the University of Southampton on December 1st 2011 almost exactly 11 years after receiving his Personal Chair 🙂

Contact Greg by e-mailing greg@concept2innovation.com if you require any further information.